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With the world moving to new technological advances, property and real estate businesses have raised their game to Virtual Staging innovations. An empty apartment on a website has lesser appeal than a well-furnished and decorated apartment. We all love a traditional home staging, but there are certain drawbacks that make it difficult to execute. Actual staging can give prospective buyers the impression that the furnishings showcased are included with the purchase of a home and the moving of furniture and decor from one empty apartment to another for a photo-shoot can be expensive and tedious for the property owner too.

This is where virtual home staging becomes quite appealing. Virtual home staging is the process of taking digital photos of empty rooms, inserting digital furniture and other decorations. Virtual home staging costs nothing in comparison with the physical staging and helps showcase the home to prospective buyers in a much creative fashion.

Real Estate dealers, Home and Interior Decor sites, Online Furniture stores, etc. are few of the various industries that use the Virtual Staging technology.


A look at the Steps involved in Virtual Staging:

  • Creative Concept: Our team of experts interact with the client to understand the requirements of the project and also give their creative inputs.
  • Model Implementation: Once the overall requirement is understood, the first draft of the project is created in 2D using state-of-the-art technologies and software.
  • Texturing & Shadow edits: Texture, shadow and light editing is carried out on the picture to give it a good visual appeal
  • First Draft shared: The first draft of the project is then shared with the client and any changes required is amended and finalized.
  • Final Edits: Once the draft is approved final checks on the quality of the image is made and the 3D version of the image is generated
  • Final Delivery: The final model is then shared with the client over a secured network with full data privacy and safety.

With Trupp Global Virtual Staging services, our graphic designers will choose furnishing that compliments each room and show it to its best advantage. Upgrade the visual appeal of your property today using the best Virtual Staging service in the market!

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