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A Two Owner Search is a search that provides the current vesting deed and all deeds leading back to the deed prior to the out-of-family deed. It also includes copies of any open mortgages and assignments against any owners found, any judgments against those owners, and also tax assessment and current tax information including any delinquencies.

With Trupp Global Title Search services, you get the complete picture of the property that you are prepared to invest in with 100% accuracy and data security.

Our Typical Two Owner Search Report Includes the Below Information:
  • Documenting chain of title going back two full value deeds
  • All open mortgages and Deed of Trust
  • Liens on the property affidavits, notices, etc.
  • Tax information
  • Fully typed report of every document on record as well as legal description
  • Maps

Partner with Trupp Global to utilize preliminary title report checks for all liens, mortgages, judgments, and tax status for both the current holder and previous holder of the property.

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