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Trupp Global is a trusted provider of portrait enhancement services with a solid track-record of editing and retouching faces keeping in mind aesthetic value while retaining the unique features that preserve the individuality of the photos’ subjects. We have been commissioned to enhance the appeal of wedding photos, fashion shoots, magazine spreads, family functions, baby photos and much more. If you’ve got a portrait photo that needs to be improved, we’ve got the tools and expertise to make the magic happen.

Portrait Photo Editing Outsourcing Services

A Look at Our Portrait Editing Services

  • Airbrushing: Remove blemishes, blackheads, wrinkles and red eye for attractive photos
  • Skin Retouching: Gentle changes to skin texture for an enhanced but not unnatural look
  • Background Removal: Crop out unwanted objects and noise to highlight focus on the subject
  • Wedding Photo Editing: Add more dynamism and energy to wedding and reception photos
  • Adding Natural Shadows: Create more aesthetic shadows and effects with natural light
  • Color Correction: Improve color as well as texture

What Else Can Our Photo Editors Achieve?

We believe that portrait photographs must aim to present the subject authentically and sensitively, taking care of aesthetics and naturalness. However, we also understand that clients may want to put their ‘best face forward’ for personal or professional reasons, which calls for specific edits and enhancements, such as:

  • Lip enhancement
  • Eye size adjustment
  • Removing wrinkles and undereye bags
  • Skin and lip color tweaking
  • Contour sharpening
  • Excess hair removal
  • Make-up application
  • Teeth whitening and fixing
Creating Happy Memories with Beautiful Photographs

Portraiture comes in various forms. There is the traditional portrait where the face is the predominant element and the subject is looking directly into the camera. An environmental portrait is one where the subject is captured in his/her natural environment. There are glamor portraits, candid portraits, lifestyle portraits and conceptual portraits used more commonly in advertising photography. In each of these forms, the goal of the photo editor offering portrait services is to focus his/her attention on adjusting and improving the texture, consistency and balance of the subject(s) face and upper body.

It is only human to want to look pleasant and presentable in photographs. Particularly for special occasions in your life or for professional purposes where your next job depends on the value of the portrait photos you turn in, the assistance of a photo editing service is surely invaluable.

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