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Trupp Global is an acknowledged photo restoration specialist offering four distinct photo repair services to individual and business clients alike. Physical photographs can suffer damage due to man-made or environmental reasons. Some simply show the natural effects of aging and need to be revitalized without losing their old-world charm. Our repair experts apply the right tools, experience and skill to salvage damaged or old photographs as well as make enhancements as requested.

Do not think that ancient, decades old and vintage photographs are beyond repair. New photo editing technologies have made it possible for new generations to enjoy paper memories of the past. By outsourcing photo repair to Trupp Global, bringing old photos to life is as easy as clicking new ones with your smartphone!

A Look at Our Photo Restoration Services

  • Aged Photos:
    Photos that have faded or become dull over the years can be repaired to look like their fresh, original self. Our repair experts put their imagination and creativity to work to bring them alive. This may sound simple, but it is a meticulous task requiring the keen eye of dedicated specialists.
  • Damaged Photos:
    We restore the sheen of photos affected by light, fire, mold and water, pets or kids! Advanced repair may be needed for ripped/torn photos, which can be set into place pixel by pixel. If high humidity has caused mold growth on photos, or water logging or fires have resulted in blemishes, we can remove the impacted sections and correct the color balance.
  • Vintage Photos:
    Antique photographs need careful handling; the last thing you want to do is correct over a feature that makes the photos special or valuable. The restoration usually performed on antique photos includes saturating dull parts, recovering tints and adjusting photo contrast. We handle the imperfections with meticulous detail and always turn out a perfectly restored output.
  • Black and White to Colored:
    Our team also receives colorization requests to add an element of modernity to old black and white photographs. Besides changing to the colors specified, we can also add or remove frames/borders, tweak eye color, make the hair blonder or darker, or follow other instructions you state.
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