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Photo manipulation has become an inextricable part of the modern digital life. There are many reasons why an image may need to be manipulated – to create excitement or wonder; to project something new missing in the original photo; to incorporate an environment that creates a specific mood, just to name some.

Trupp Global understands the ins and outs of professional photo manipulation. We have assisted businesses and photographers with their creative needs, turning in top-quality work each time and winning a healthy stream of referrals. Our image manipulation services deliver excellent value – don’t expend time and energy on a task that calls for specialized skills and extensive experience. Let our photo manipulation services make your photographs come alive.


Our Photo Manipulation Expertise

Our image manipulation services utilize a number of techniques and tools to produce a creative, compelling output. You can consider photo manipulation to be a customized editing process where editors have the flexibility to modify and adjust images beyond reasonable recognition. If your goal is to amaze, excite or make your audience sit up and take notice, we can manipulate photos to look sensational.

  • Adding shadows and highlights
  • Adding new objects or people to and/or removing existing objects or people from images
  • Creating paintings, sketches or comic book settings from digital photographs
  • Combining images to create montages and collages
  • Image cropping, straightening horizons and adjusting jagged ends
  • Color and perspective correction
  • Removing red eye, spots and wrinkles
  • Adding watermarks to images
  • Recoloring vehicles
  • Changing the background
  • Removing unwanted objects and recreation of the background.
    These are some examples of what goes into photo manipulation.

Ultimately, our image manipulation services can tailor the editing to your exact specifications. You can also give us the creative freedom to incorporate our own ideas while realizing the final effect or response you wish to generate.

What Exactly Can be Manipulated?

The Trupp Global team can edit and manipulate landscapes, portraits, vintage photos, vehicles, products and a large variety of objects captured on camera. You can also get in touch with us prior to placing your order for a thorough understanding of the manipulations achievable.

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