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Trupp Global is a sought-after outsourcing company for image clipping services. We have assisted ecommerce companies, apparel stores, fashion houses and product studios. Businesses and professional photographers have relied on our expertise and experience to enhance the look and feel of their images. We also serve the image clipping and improvement needs of portrait photographers looking to present more attractive results to their clients.


A Look at Our Image Clipping Services

  • Clipping Path: We use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for more attractive images
  • Image Tracing: We trace and crop images first and then transfer them to your preferred background.
  • Background Removal: We keep what you want and crop out the backgrounds you don’t need
  • Hair Masking: Human hair and other fine details are cropped out as needed for a clean look
  • Shadow Photo: We create natural shadow views at any angle for the desired effect in photos 

Photo clipping services apart, Trupp Global also offers photo retouching and image manipulation to achieve the exact results that clients seek. We are committed to using the full breadth of the tools and expertise at our disposal to exceed your expectations.

What Exactly is Photo Clipping?

Image editing programs can cut out people, products and objects from a photo during the post-production phase. Photo editors use a clipping path tool to extract the undesirable object. A clipping path, which is a closed vector shape or path, cuts out a 2D image in an image editing software such as Photoshop and Lightroom.

Photo clipping is extensively used in ecommerce product enhancement. For instance, this post-production technique can be used to remove the background of a photo and replace it with a fully white background for a sophisticated, professional look. By applying this effect across all products, online catalogues can communicate a consistent aesthetic and be more ease to recall in the minds of website visitors and customers.

Trupp Global’s clipping path services have successfully turned around large product portfolios for ecommerce stores. By removing background distractions, we have been able to display products compellingly and in a focused manner for maximum impact.

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