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Trupp Global is a trusted provider of web research services for a variety of business purposes. We help clients stay ahead with latest news, trends, events, developments and disruptions in their industry. We aid their business intelligence efforts and facilitate cost effective decision-making.

The internet is a powerful instrument of competitive knowledge and continuous learning for businesses. The agility with which the web provides data for consumption, and the potentially large datasets that can be accessed in a legally compliant way; assists research requirements of businesses across industry and scale.

We at Trupp Global, scan through millions of web pages to extract data and present it to our customesr in a format they desire. From contact list generation to product research rely on our expertise for accurate and valid information.

Our Online Data Research Services:

From Contact list/lead generation that supports your marketing efforts, to market and competitor research, we serve as an incredible source of reliable and relevant data.

  • Market and Product Research: Gain a comprehensive view into market size, products, features, SKUs, technical specifications, pricing, distribution network, market research data, packaging and other products.
  • Product Information Research for ecommerce: Delve deep into the product landscape of your choosing. Make the most profitable decisions for your ecommerce store with a wealth of information on product design, descriptions, reviews, feedback, trending items and other valuable data points.
  • Mailing List Generation: Build a database of individuals and organizations by leveraging social networks and online directories. Use it to generate targeted mailing and marketing distribution lists.
  • Contacts/Leads Research: Get a contact database built with Name, Title, Email Ids, Phone Numbers and more of prospective customers for direct marketing campaigns. We as a web research company save you time for more strategic marketing communications.
  • Company and Business Research: Evaluate your competitors more closely with an all-encompassing information, including industry outlook, financial statements, market reports, annual reports, major business announcements on media websites, press releases and more.
  • Events Research: Research trade shows, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and more, aligned to your particular business purpose.
  • Document Research: Access academic and scientific information from trade magazines, thesis, whitepapers and other such journals.
  • Property Documents Research: We scour the internet for property-related documents including deeds, mortgages, foreclosures, releases, title research and other related records.

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You can avail a number of our web research services in a client-specific customized package, to benefit from a holistic view of your business development. Get in touch with us today – we look forward to assisting you extract maximum value from web data.

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