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Email is a critical customer service channel. If you’re struggling to respond quickly to customers, you’re failing them.

Whether you’re a fast-growing start-up immersed in product development or a large organization that receives a huge volume of customer enquiries each day, Trupp Global’s email support services can help you take customer satisfaction to the next level. Our email support professionals work like an extension of your team, cutting down email response times from a few hours to a few minutes. . Our process is robust, our technology is advanced, and our team is dynamic. We’re here for you.

Our Comprehensive Suite of Email Support Services

Trupp Global prides itself on covering all bases as far as email communication with customers is concerned. Every manner of query, support and service is handled professionally, astutely and sensitively.

  • Query Resolutions:
    Show customers you care by being there when they need you most. Our real-time database and deep understanding of your business enables us to address questions and manage feedback intelligently and efficiently.
  • Product Inquiries:
    Move hot prospects rapidly along the sales cycle. Reinforce the confidence of existing customers by giving them the information they seek in the quickest possible time via email.
  • Order Taking and Fulfilment:
    Deliver impeccable email service at a crucial juncture in the customer journey. This experience will determine whether or not customers keep coming to your product or service offerings.
  • Payment Inquiries and Documentation:
    We are fully invested in providing the technical and procedural support your customers need, and your in-house team can count on.
  • Product/Service Information Requests and Troubleshooting:
    We function as a knowledge support touchpoint, responding promptly to requests for further information, and problem-solving in a time-bound manner.
Why us?

Optimize costs by including our live chat and technical support into your overall email support outsourcing services package.

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