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We often find that in addition to Property Title Searches, many of our clients often need additional supporting documents, such as probate, will, power of attorney, divorce decrees, death certificate and all kinds of historical documents.

Trupp Global provides Document Retrieval for all land record needs. If the index information is not available for the document desired; our team can research the records to determine its location and deliver the documents to you as quick as possible via e-mail or fax.

A look at our Document Retrieval Services:

We also specialize in providing expert research to determine ownerships, lien holders, easements, deed restrictions, right-of-way, property descriptions and other extensive research.

We search for any kind of real estate document that can be recorded, and can quickly provide abstracted information, plain or certified copies.

  • Conveyance Documents such as Sale Deed, Quitclaim, Foreclosure Deed, Sheriff Deed etc.
  • Loan Documents such as Mortgage/Deed of Trust, Assignments, Modification etc.
  • Satisfactions / Releases
  • Financing Statement UCC
  • Deed searches
  • CEMA
  • POA
  • Notice of default

Our Document Retrieval services also free you from the time and frustration of dealing with a multitude of legal formalities. What’s more, your documents are securely stored for easy access and review.

Why Outsource Your Document Retrieval Requirements to us?

By choosing us, you have access to the below facilities which can be availed throughout the period of the project without any difficulty:

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