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User-generated content (UGC) is a big ‘win’ for businesses seeking to forge stronger relationships with customers, enhance their brand reputation, and also boost their SEO efforts. It is altruistic to allow consumers to express their opinions and creativity. When linked to a reward system– such as Ford Fiesta’s campaign offering a new Fiesta to 100 industry bloggers – UGC can power your digital marketing and drive early sales.

But user-generated content can also be a double-edged sword:

  • What if users post unacceptable material on your website?
  • How do you deal with a barrage of comments or photos on your website or social media account, which can be disruptive to user experience?
  • How can you make certain a two-way communication by ensuring that messages from online users are not ignored?

A blend of content moderation and community management is essential to gain business value from UGC. Trupp Global’s content moderation services enables you to portray a credible, humane and caring brand image through expertvetting of user content.

Our Content Review Services:

  • Comment/Text Moderation: Offensive texts and inflammatory language have no place in an online discourse. Our real-time moderators peruse posts, tweets, reviews and forum comments, thus flagging problematic content, restoring the civility of conversations, and helping keep your community safe and user-friendly.
  • Image Moderation: We monitor, filter and label thousands of images each month, making accurate decisions on content violations as per your online policy. Images are approved, reported, moved or rejected in real-time to ensure that your web assets remain on-brand, audience-appropriate and respectful of all individuals and communities.
  • Video Moderation: Our live video moderators take appropriate action on racy, adult and other inappropriate content, including child abuse, animal cruelty and violence, thus reinforcing your audience and the general web-using public that they have responsibilities to abide by. By offering real-time moderation, we discourage future incidences of violations and keep the immaculate image of your brand intact.

Why us?

Content moderation companies have their task cut out for them. Even moderators equipped with sophisticated tools have the harrowing task of navigating unsavoury content. Trupp Global is a respected source for effective content moderation services, displaying concern for our clients as well as our staff. Bring us on board to consistently deliver a safe and enjoyable online user experience.

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