Trupp Global Recognized by Silicon India

Trupp Global Recognized by Silicon India as one of the Top 10 Most Promising Outsourcing Companies of 2021

Trupp Global Technologies, a Bangalore-based leading outsourcing company is transforming the world of business with its innovative outsourcing support especially to small and medium-sized enterprises across the world, which has made it to the top 10 most promising outsourcing companies list by Silicon India. The recognition has been conferred to Trupp Global for its exemplary performance in providing tailored outsourcing solutions based on the client’s needs.

With the advancement of technology and digitalization, the global outsourcing market has flourished over the last two decades. Nowadays, outsourcing tasks are not limited to customer support and other back-office support functions. However, companies are focusing more on consumers’ interactions that have led to outsourcing their back-office functions to reliable outsourcing partners. Trupp Global, a leading outsourcing partner is known for offering customized outsourcing solutions to these companies thus becoming an integral part of the business.

“Recognition from Silicon India in the top 10 promising companies list is indeed profoundly humbling that reflects our passion and commitment exuded by our employees,” said Naveed, Founder, and CEO of Trupp Global Technologies.

“We have always been striving to create impactful change towards the business community, and this recognition from Silicon India validates our efforts. Start-ups & SMBs look for outsourcing providers, who can understand their business needs, be flexible in terms of scaling or ramping down support and work along with them to help the business grow. Trupp Global endeavors to acknowledge this factor as a top priority and strives to work along with clients to find solutions to the problems which are unique to their business,” Naveed said.

“Our vision is to make the world a smarter place while providing holistic and robust BPO solutions. We will strive to put effort towards creating a knowledgeable and smart workforce while delivering BPO solutions with the lesser TAT” he added.

Trupp Global’s industrial expertise and deep domain knowledge help its clients in enterprise-wide outsourcing solutions while becoming a partner in the growth of business and profit. As an obsessively value-driven company, Trupp Global Technologies upholds a strong internal team of skilled employees who are dedicated to offering customized BPO solutions within a shorter turnaround time.

About Silicon India

With more than 70,000 subscriber lists in the United States, Silicon India has strived to flourish since 1997. Silicon India, a community network in the United States established by Indians for cultivating growth opportunities and professional networks in the business community. Among the very few Indian companies, Silicon India offers senior executives and global entrepreneurs a platform to share their journeys and experience with their peers. The company acts as a catalyst between the existing leaders and emerging leaders of the world. The distinguished panel that comprises CIOs and CEOs of public organizations, Venture Capitalists, founders of many VC-funded companies, analysts, and the editorial board of Silicon India has recognized Trupp Global among the Top 10 most promising companies for the US edition.

About Trupp Global Technologies

Founded in 2017, Trupp Global is a leading outsourcing company known for its end-to-end BPO solutions to its client base. The service portfolio covers several cardinal BPO subsets such as back-office functions, customer support, data entry, healthcare BPO, analytics, photo editing, title search, SDS indexing & sourcing, tax certificates, municipal lien searches, and many more. The company’s diversified services are crafted with intricate details dedicated to providing full insights and support to SMEs and SMBs while helping them drive profits and scalability in every business realm.

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