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At the end of a billing cycle, the payment records of every patient in that facility is recorded in the system. This process is widely known as Payment Posting in the healthcare sector. This process needs continuous attention and appropriate action and can be time consuming and tedious too.

Trupp Global offers a HIPAA compliant Payment Posting service that ensures best practices in quality management and ensures outcomes as per client requirements and industry standards.

A look at our Payment Posting services:

  • Analyzing EOB: Explanation of Benefits or EOB consists of patients’ names, their account numbers, service dates, procedure codes, billed amounts, denials information, deductibles, co-insurances, etc. Once you receive the EOB our experts go through it carefully, and analyze it to identify patterns like the percentage of insurance receivable, amount outstanding percentage, etc.
  • Action and Indexing EOB: Once the EOB is analyzed, and documented in a report as to why and what amount needs to be paid by the patient, This EOB is passed on to the billing department, facilitates them to collect the outstanding receivable from the patient easily and swiftly. Indexing of the large volume of EOBs is carried out in customized software, developed for the particular healthcare sector as per client requirements.
  • Inflow Statement: We also keep a track on the outstanding amount receivable and the cash inflow status so that the rate of cash inflows can be easily verified and necessary actions can be taken.
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