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Our experts at Trupp Global acknowledge that by understanding the various causes of claim denials, we can help reduce lost revenue and increase long-term efficiency for your healthcare facility. We help analyze, monitor and fix these causes immediately, thus eliminating imminent losses and optimizing profitability.

A look at our Denial Management services:

Along with improving cash flow, we also help identifying root cause of any denial and implement preventive actions to avoid them in future.

  • Classifying the Denials: Once the reason and cause of denial is understood, it is necessary to segregate and route the claims to the right departments, sorting denials by category will help identify areas that need to be worked upon and need to re-educate employees and medical staff for lower rates of denial.
  • Actuate Patient Eligibility: Our experts gather information on the patient’s insurance cover and eligibility details. It is essential that this step is carried out with zero scope of error in order to avoid any issues causing denial in the course of further actions.
  • Appeals for Denied Claims: In cases where the Claims are denied with inefficient causes, appeal letters are prepared and sent along with supporting documents including Medical Records for processing. These appeals are then followed up with the best medium available like emails, fax or direct calls.
  • Determining Pivotal Denial Causes: It is essential to identify the areas that cause denials in a claim and find the underlying pattern that causes the same. This may include re-examining the entire billing procedure. With this process, one can figure out the problematic zone and reduce denials and increase the rate of successful claims.
  • Supervision and Interception: It is important that regular monitoring of internal controls against their efficiency in the management and prevention of denials is done in order to have a smooth claims management.

At Trupp Global, our team of experts work towards a common goal of reducing the number of denials and increasing the success rates for our clients. We ensure the best medical denial management to our clients located globally at cost effective rates.

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