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If you need to check all liens, mortgages, judgments on the property from last property purchase up to present date – Current Owner search is what you require. Current Owner Title Search is ideal for pre-tax auctions, short sales, foreclosure auctions, refinance.These reports are typically used by customers prior to bidding at an upcoming foreclosure auction.

With Trupp Global, you are assured of a complete and detailed report at the end of the Title Search which will be a source of information and decision making for your property investment.

Our Current Owner(O&E) Reports Include the Below Information
  • Deed and ownership information
  • All open recorded Mortgage/Deed of Trust
  • All the related documents of Mortgage/Deed of Trust like assignments, modifications and subordinations etc.
  • Property tax information
  • Assessed valuationby the tax assessor’s office.
  • Assessment of liens &judgments against the owner/property that are recorded in land records.
  • Legal description
  • Maps

You will receive a report on all outstanding mortgages, liens and judgments recorded against the property and the current owner.

Why Outsource Current Owner Title Search to Us?

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