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At Trupp Global, we understand the importance of a HIPAA Compliant process and its regulations. Our healthcare BPO services ensure that all the processes we follow and maintain are at par with the compliance. We also boast of a substantial experience and understanding of the US healthcare industry, which enables us to offer expert investigations and decision-makings.

Outsourcing your Charge Entry services to us will not only improve your overall productivity, but also help gain substantial growth in the healthcare industry.

What We Do

  • Charge Entry from Coded Documents into the billing software
  • Quality Check and Audit
  • Submission of Medical Claim to Insurance Payer
  • Denial claim’s Analysis
  • Expert knowledge in coding and upgrade ICD 9, ICD 10, CPTs and analysing the DX pointer for the CPT codes
charge entry
Why outsource Medical Billing Charge Entry services to us?

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