A Reputed (M)SDS Management Solution Provider Approached Trupp Global For Help To Update Their 20 Year Old (M)SDS Collection

A Reputed (M)SDS Management Solution Provider Approached Trupp Global For Help To Update Their 20 Year Old (M)SDS Collection

Case Study Scenario: One of the reputed (M)SDS management service provider, located in the USA had come to Trupp Global seeking help to initially index and then update about 5000 (M)SDSs into their software.

Client Info

A leading (M)SDS management service provider in the USA

Client Requirement

The client was on the lookout for a trustworthy outsourcing partner, who could help them with indexing about 5000 (M)SDSs into the software. They also needed help to keep this collection in their database updated with the latest (M)SDS info.

Challenges We Faced During Project

One of the major challenges we faced in the middle of the project is that we had poor quality PDF files of (M)SDS. The last time it was updated was almost 15 year ago. Hence, the latest information was missing from the files.

Our Approach

We began by indexing the 5000 (M)SDSs into the required software, with details such as:

  •  Name of the product
  •  Name of the manufacturer
  •  Its physical state
  •  The flash point
  •  Physical or health hazards it could cause
  •  HMIS/NFPA ratings
  •  Information on First Aid to adopt if exposed to it
  •  Departments

It took us almost a week to complete this successfully. We also made sure to maintain an excel spread sheet with details such as the name of the product and manufacturer etc.

Then, we went on to obtain the latest (M)SDS data and update the database with the latest (M)SDS version and details. We were successful in acquiring nearly 60% (M)SDSs. The rest of the products were either out-of-date or was no longer operational.


The client was highly appreciative of our efforts and was satisfied with our success in obtaining about 60% (M)SDS, given the fact that last update of the database was done about 15 years ago. We also adhered to a time period of about 10 working days to complete the project. We made sure to provide our customer with a well maintained excel spread sheet. It contained information on indexing the (M)SDS as well as on reasons for our failure to acquire rest of the (M)SDSs. Our client, highly impressed with our quality of service went on to sign a 3-year contract with us. They wanted us to provide them with continuing support for acquiring and indexing (M)SDS.

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