A Leading E-Learning Organization In The UK Reached Out To Trupp Global For Assistance In Developing An E-Learning Mobile App

A Leading E-Learning Organisation In The UK Reached Out To Trupp Global For Assistance In Developing An E-Learning Mobile App

Case Study Scenario: A well-known E-learning Organization in the UK was looking for an outsourcing partner to help them with E-Learning mobile App development, which would be compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Client Info

A reputed E-learning Organisation in the UK, teaching local and foreign languages

Client Requirement

The e-learning organisation had plans to develop an App, which could be compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms. Students were able to book for language tutors, who were locals or pioneers of the language and learn from them via one-on-one video lessons, which they could access at a pre-defined time of mutual choice after signing up for the course. The prospective students were also granted the facility to select a course or teacher, by looking at the ratings, reviews etc.

Challenges We Faced During Project

Once, we started on the project amidst the web App development process, we had to cater to a lot of challenges like:

  •  The focus had to be on combining design with user experience and usability of the mobile App, as it had to be used by a large number of customers inclusive of not just students, but tutors as well.
  •  In addition to the App that was compatible with not just iOS but with Android operating software as well, the client also wanted us to develop a web interface, so that the App could be controlled/ managed from the back end.

Our Approach

We went on to understand the requirements, goals and specifications by the client in depth, so that we could cater to it, ensuring customer satisfaction, by following these strategies:

  •  We worked to integrate LiveChat facility within the App, thus also enabling real time audio and video interface, as well as availability of chat facility between the students and language teachers.
  •  We also employed very complex protocols for video compression, so that the videos of the online classes would maintain top-notch quality, ensuring that there was little to no buffering throughout the streaming.
  •  We had a dedicated team of skilled professionals with expertise in developing mobile Apps which were compatible with varied platforms.
  •  The mobile App was to be developed alongside a web App, which would be in charge of the mobile App, also ensuring that the UI and Interface were identical for both, thus catering to customer satisfaction.


Deeply satisfied with our approach to simplifying a complex mobile App development process, the customer applauded us. By bringing together a very compelling content and giving access to best teachers, the e-learning App has made a big impact on the students. It provided the students with instant learning support via videos, assignments, language tests etc., thus not only helping them navigate the impending challenges, but also to improving their performance in their careers as a future language translator or operate their own language teaching classes.

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