Why your businesses need to outsource outbound voice support services?

Why Your Businesses Need To Outsource Outbound Voice Support Services?


With cold calling not making much of an impact on prospective customers to urge them into action, one would think that outbound voice support services may be a thing of the past. However, it is not to be so, mainly because outbound voice support is no more just about telemarketing calls, but has developed further to cater to the customer needs taking into consideration their feelings and preferences, thus keeping a customer satisfied and informed.

Reasons To Outsource Outbound Voice Support Services

Here, we will see a few tips on how to go about it:

1. Make the first call after purchase important

Most of the customers buy products or services with the expectation that they will be granted customized services. Hence, businesses opt for outbound voice support to make a call congratulating customers on the successful purchase made to not only satisfy them but also as a way to develop customer-brand relationships. You could also go on to give details on the existing discounts and offers if they would like to know more, or you could tell them that you are always open to discussions on any further issues cropping up. Also, inform them of the various multi-channel support systems that your business has, via which they could contact you.

2. Seek feedback from customers to see how you fare

The customer is important and you should not forget them after the first call. Think proactively and make use of repeated outbound call center support services to enquire with the customer about the performance of the product bought. Ask for proper feedback and see how you can rectify any of the minor issues that may have ensued. This helps to build a positive customer brand relationship going on to strengthen the customer trust and confidence about the brand that they would deliver on their promises.

3. Inform existing customers about new offers or discounts

When you are looking to launch a new offer or discount program, first off make use of outbound voice support services to inform your current customers, before it’s released globally, so that they would get the first opportunity to avail themselves it first. This helps to develop customer loyalty.

4. Announce special gift schemes

You can announce special gift schemes as a way to entice customers to give their honest feedback and suggestions to businesses. Once they’ve given their opinion, you could enter their name for a lottery that promises the possibility to win a grand gift. Alternatively, you could also send out offers or gifts on their registered emails, in thanks for their support and loyalty towards your brand.

5. It is used for research and development

Outsourced outbound voice support services are the best choice to collect the consensus of the customers or the mass in general, during the planning stages of your new product launch. The process needs to be simple with not too many options given for choice in response to the question asked. Also, make sure to comply with the Do not disturb (DND) registry, while making any outbound calls for telemarketing or for research purposes.


Here, you can see that if the telemarketing calls are handled by professional outbound voice support service providers who are kept abreast of the market trends and customer preferences or feedback, then you can expect quality service, catering to the customized requirements of the client, such as the time to call back and forth.

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