What’s in store for Mobile app development trends in 2018?

What’s In Store For Mobile App Development Trends In 2018?


Over time with the advent of technology, it is not only the use of smart devices, mobiles, iPads or tablets, and portable notepads that’s seen a boom but there has also been significant growth in the use of mobile and web applications.

Looking at the mobile app development trends that dominated this year, you will see that the most in use social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter as well as other normally used apps such as YouTube, Gmail, and Google chrome all saw a rise.

Top Mobile App Development Trends

Taking that into consideration, let’s take a look at the major mobile app development trends that may rule in 2018:

1. Artificial Intelligence will come to the limelight

As per the IDC figures, the AI market is expected to rise to over $47bn by 2020. Also going by the boom in robotic sciences, the thriving future of driverless cars, and the rigorous development of personal assistants like SIRI, etc., just confirms that AI (Artificial Intelligence) is attaining new heights. Maybe, in the near future, a new digital customer voice assistant will be launched, which can identify the face and voice of the user to relate with them and work on solutions for their problems, thus having an impact on the modes of business.

2. Cloud based technologies will maintain their boom

Even with the huge space given for storage on most smartphones nowadays, with the use of various apps, it is sure to soon cause space or storage issues for users, as all phones have particular limitations to storage. This is where the cloud-based mobile apps come in handy and you can see the CBT (Cloud-based technology) making a place for itself in the mobile app trends dominating the year 2018.

3. Use of enterprise applications and Bring Your Own Device concept will be on the rise

Many of the businesses have been using enterprise apps, since their launch and over time more and more customers are opting for them. According to statistics of 451 research, at least 50% of businesses are expected to adapt 10 enterprise apps by 2019, as it makes the work of the employees hassle-free, and even grants them data access from even far-flung locations. Consequently, you also see that the complete scenario is changed with the launch of Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) concept, as they are personalized apps designed to be used for particular purposes. Hence, the concept is expected to boom in the upcoming year.

4. Internet of Things will make its presence felt more strongly

The IoT (Internet of Things) is a widely discussed concept and is of great help in enhancing the retail business and the real estate industry to a large extent. Other sectors that it impacts include the automotive, educational, and healthcare industry, thus giving rise to the probability of Google and Apple both launching Apps on this concept.

5. Augmented Reality and Virtual reality

A relatively new concept, AR and VR was used mainly for gaming apps like Pokemon Go, but currently are catering to other various industries. AR will cater to healthcare, retail, real estate, and others, while VR will continue its focus on Gaming and events. You will also see that Tech Crunch, went on to claim that the total market of both AR and VR is expected to boom to $108 billion by 2021, out of which AR share will estimate at $83 billion, while the rest $25 billion will be shared by VR. With AR already more popular and VR taking a bit more time to gain its place completely in the market, it is believed that AR will now focus more on improving battery life and connectivity.

6. More chatbots to improve UI/UX of apps

Chatbots will become the norm for most android and iOS apps as compared to earlier, as it is expected to improve the UI and UX of apps, thus going on to boost business growth. Chatbots is the best solution for the issues arising out of customer’s expectation to get instant gratification or response to their problems and queries.

7. App security will be stronger

One of the main reasons for customers to avoid downloading any app used to be because of their concern about security. Hence, realizing the importance to provide a solution to this, most app development companies now focus on offering strong security policies that can appease the customer, by securing their private and confidential data from any kind of fraud or leak. The focus will be to deliver apps with inbuilt security.


From here, you will decipher that mobile app trends are developing every year with new technologies arising yearly, which strive to offer better convenience for the customers, and 2018 is no different. Hence the top option to get the best service will be to outsource mobile app development services to a trusted and efficient service provider who will continue to keep abreast with the changing trends so that they can sharpen their knowledge and develop apps that will provide you the competitive edge to succeed.

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