Top 7 Ways to Use Live Chat for Perfect Customer Experience


The best way of enhancing growth in your business is to adopt the latest technologies and software that are known for improving customer experience. A great customer experience strategy will significantly increase the entire customer journey thus leading to increased sales. Among all customer communication channels live chat is considered the best channel to improve customer experience. Research says that more than 30% of the customers expect live chat on the company’s website as it helps a lot in making a buying decision easily. Whether it is an e-commerce company or a retail company, live chat services significantly help the customers in resolving their issues instantly which is the crux for excellent customer satisfaction.

Ways to Use Live Chat for a Better Customer Experience


Having live chat services embedded in your website, a brand can easily turn any interaction into long-lasting relationships and memorable experiences. It provides you the opportunity to provide instant answers to the customers while offering enhanced agent productivity and greater customer satisfaction. Let’s discuss a few relevant strategies where businesses can use live chat support for customer engagement that delivers an excellent customer experience.

1. Provide Immediate Response

Live chat support enables the company to respond to the customers instantly. These days, customers demand quicker responses in the chat section compared to other communication channels. It is the brand’s responsibility to fulfill the customer’s queries as quickly as possible. It will not only help in increased sales but also it will enhance customer engagement. Real-time messaging for brands is proven to be a great option for nurturing customer relationships, troubleshooting issues, and onboarding.

2. Ask Customer Feedback

Customers’ feedback whether it is good or bad is of great value to the brands in terms of serving customers in a better way. If the feedback is bad, then there is room to change any kind of product or service-related issue. If the customer feedback is good, then there are chances that the customer support agent will provide seamless customer service thus the chance of customer retention is automatically increased. However, to gather feedback limit to 7 to 8 multiple choice questions in the brand’s voice while the platform should be mobile friendly and the tone should be empathic.

3. Add Human Touch to the Conversation

Needless to say, the feature of live chat is considered the best way to add a human touch to the customer conversation. The brand needs to make sure that a customer service agent is always present to provide replies to the customers. Compared to voice calls, it is easier for the customer care agents to interact with the customer because in chat the customers are not able to hear their voice thus they will not identify whether the opposite person is irritated or not. Research says that more than 63% of the customers who have interacted with their favorite brands using live chat want to return to the website.

4. Offer Detailed Solutions

Offering a detailed answer to the customer is a very good initiative taken by brands as it will help them in understanding and learning more about the products and services. Through live chat support, customer service agents can refer to the previous customer interactions in a way that they can understand future queries. In the same chat session, the customer care agents can take time while understanding the queries and provide them with the relevant answer while the chatbot is handling the preliminary questions from the customer.

5. Integrate Live Chat with the CRM

Integrating the live chat software into your CRM is very essential to collect every customer’s data which will eventually lead to enhanced customer satisfaction. These data play a crucial role in developing your products and services. Depending on the nature of the platform, the information that can be gathered from the live chat platform is beneficial to market research or the sales process. However, you can help in delivering personalized customer service with the help of the customer interactions you collect from your CRM.

6. Make Live Chat Easily Accessible

Imagine that your customers are not able to find the live chat option on your website, and the result is a huge cart abandonment rate. To cope up with this event all you need to do is to embed live chat integration in your website on the home page, product pages, and the cart page so that your customers can easily ask questions whenever they are looking at the products or making a purchase. Make sure that your live chat comes in a popup whenever customers are hovering on your site. Successful businesses are known for serving their customers instantly thus helping them in making a purchase while fulfilling the customer mapping journey.

7. Empower Reps with Content

Using well-built live chat software on your website helps the customer support agent to understand the whole picture of the scenario that is dragging for a long time. While checking the customer interactions in the chatbox and checking information like FAQ searches, payment-related problems, and other stuff help in resolving their query better than ever. Support reps must be empowered with different kinds of ticketing systems that will provide them complete and faster support along with an enhanced customer experience.

Boost Your Live Chat Customer Experience

One of the most critical factors for the success of your business is customer experience. To deliver amazing customer service, customers must integrate live chat support on their website while optimizing the other customer touchpoints. If you want to gain a competitive edge in the market, you must offer best-in-class customer service that can be possible with the implementation of live chat along with other customer communication channels. With the live chat feature on your website, brands open gateways for the visitors so that they can reach you instantly and you get the opportunity to cater to their needs.

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