Why is property title search a must

Why Is Property Title Search A Must?

Mortgage lenders and property buyers need to ensure that the property in question has clear titles so that any legal issues would not pop up at a later stage. A title search thus becomes essential.

When you do the property title search, you can be assured about details such as the rights of ownership and ensuing legal battles, if any. By analyzing the public records you will be able to get all the internal information and details as well.

Here, we will have a look at certain reasons as to why a property title search is essential:

  • Helps you to be aware of issues related to property ownership:The problems that are connected with your home or property title could be multi-fold, ranging from errors while filing, forgotten encumbrance or continuing border wars etc. These issues could also lead to problems for your right to hold ownership of the property. Hence, it is always better to be prepared ahead.
  •  Helps you to identify the chain of title:Chain of title means a record of the property title transfers done, thus providing information about the list of owners. Prior to purchase ensure that your chain of title is clear and there’s no issue about it. This is required, because if you need to get title insurance that can protect you from financial loss resulting from title defects that may ensue after purchase, then the record for chain of title should be clean.
  •  Helps to know of any outstanding liens:If you want to check that the person you buy the property from is not saddled with heavy debt, then you can do title search services. Searching through the public records will tell you details such as IRS liens, hospital liens, state tax liens, mechanic’s liens, child support liens, or abstracts of judgment. Issue with any of these liens could make the purchase process very difficult for you. So, do the search and assure that the owner is totally liens free, before you go about the transaction.

How Is Title Search Advantageous For A Mortgage Lender?

  • It tells you if the loan applicant has legal ownership of the property
  • It tells you of issues related with the title, so that you can make the necessary modifications
  • If it is a case of refinance, you can check if any changes have been made from the time of last mortgage.
  • It tells you, if there are any defects or flaws related to title search, which have to be resolved


Title search is an important aspect and a required service for all, prior to making any property purchase, as it will ensure that there are no issues or liabilities connected with the property being purchased, hence ensuring a hassle free experience for the buyers.

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