Tips to Enhance Email Support for Your Business

Tips To Enhance Email Support For Your Business


Even if most businesses are concerned with customer satisfaction, it is seen that most may not actually get deeply into improving customer support but would rather address it from the topmost. That could also be because while it is easy to talk the talk, implementing it can be quite tricky.

Tips to Enhance Email Support

You may get a lot of various types of questions, which you will have to address properly. You will need to know the best way to answer it. Here, we will try to dig deep into some tips on how to enhance the email support system of your business.

1. Make the first contact impressive

All of you may have had some instance or the other in your life when you send out a message to a company and were besieged with doubt like did it go through? It could also, perhaps be a contact form you submitted. All these are just examples of poor cases of website communications, which is non-verbal.

  • Whenever, someone sends you an email, be it asking for help or not, it is common courtesy to let them know that you have got their email.
  • Set up an on-site confirmation, for the customers that may reach out via web forms. A pop-up with Alright! Your message has been sent, will confirm to the customer, that you have got their query.
  • Alternatively, have a non-robotic follow-up email, I mean you can use an auto-responder confirming receipt of a message or email from them, but rather than a regular mechanized message, make them feel appreciated with just a small “thanks”.
  • Make the email to be more conversational. Reassure them that they can get you via email.
2. Then let’s get to streamlining customer feedback

It is possible that most of the customer feedback is given via emails, seeing as it is probably a popular medium for not only feedback but support, as well. Hence, it is vital that you know how to leverage it completely to get the best results. See, how to do it effectively here.

  • Have in place an app or chat room, where all your customer queries, responses, communication with the customer care executives are visible to everyone in your team.
  • Keep the feedback completely organized, for easy access. This definitely, helps to keep them informed so that they can respond successfully, cutting down the time by at least 40%.
3. Response to disillusioned customers

In any kind of business, it is inevitable that you would get unhappy customers. Dealing with them can be quite tricky and challenging. Now the reasons that they are unhappy could be majorly two. One is those who end up with some problem or the other with your service or product. Such customers are normally frustrated, confounded, and totally upset.

  • While dealing with them, you will have to keep your cool. You will also have to not only pacify the customer but will also have to win them back.
  • For these, let them know that you are listening to them and are sorry for the inconvenience, it may have caused.
  • Then try to get to the crux of the matter, see what exactly is not working for them, so that you can deliver the appropriate solution.
  • Give them the assurance that you will get back to them.

Others are those who are totally done with your service. They are looking to cancel, and winning them back at this point could be next to impossible.

  • In such scenarios, the best option is to not prolong the process, making it easy for them to get out.
  • In case, they are looking to get back a refund on the product, instead of giving them a lot more instructions on how to cancel the service, it is better if you could do it from your end, thus making it easy on them.
  • Let them also know that the refund is on its way and that they can get it within a specific time period.


One can thus assume that Outsourcing is a very viable strategy for all types of businesses, medium, small or large, who are aiming to leverage their expectations from smoothly run operations, both core, and non-core. You should also take into consideration while outsourcing a service that you need to be able to identify all your specific business requirements that can cater to your goals.

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