The Big Picture: Panorama 360 Photo Stitching

The Big Picture: Panorama 360 Photo Stitching


When you are at a beautiful location, away from the hustle-bustle of the city life, many people regret not being able to capture a memory, or not being able to take in the entire landscape to add it to their collection. This may be because the scenery was very wide or had a very tall field of view. Though the newer version of smartphones boosts having Panorama View, the person who captures these memories has no control over the outcome of the picture. We have seen cases of Panorama went wrong with people having four hands and even more faces! This is because, in such software, a series of individual pictures are taken and merely overlapped to give the feel of a larger image!

With Panorama 360 Photo Stitching, just as the name suggests, you are assured to get a 360 degree of your view.

What Is Photo Stitching?

Photo stitching is the process in which multiple photographs with overlapping fields of view are digitally ‘stitched’ to produce a single image of high resolution.

Techniques of Photo Stitching

1. Fixing seams

Since stitching obviously means bringing two pieces together, factors like light and distortion often cause visible seams in an image. Hence fixing a seam line between two different images is the 1st step towards getting a perfectly stitched image.

2. Light alignment

Even if the individual images were taken simultaneously, there are chances that the lighting in one image can differ from the other depending on the angle from which the picture was taken, to get a perfect Panorama, it is necessary to smoothen out these mismatches and deliver an even-toned photo.

3. Width/ Height Ratio

Another important factor of photo stitching is the alignment of the width and height ratio of the images put together. A mismatch in either one of these factors will create an unpleasant final visual display.

4. Image calibration

Image calibration helps to minimize the differences caused by various factors such as distortions, over-exposure between different pictures, or vignettes.

5. Image blending

This technique is useful to reduce the intensity difference at overlapping points in a picture. Images are blended with the help of color adjustment between images.

Though there are a number of Photo Stitching Apps in the market like Snapseed, Pano, etc. without the expertise of professionals, many factors like the ones mentioned above may cause your picture to be ruined, if not end up with your picture having multiple unwanted body parts! With an expert, you can stay assured to have the perfect blending of pictures, colors, and landmarks with a 360-degree view of the entire landscape, may it be a mountain peak or that vacation condo you wish to promote on a popular site!


With our Panorama 360 Photo Stitching, you get an outsourcing photo stitching service which are not bound to time zones, but to commitment and privacy. So, next time you capture those breath-taking images of your sky diving trip, hand it over to us and see us bring it to life! Get in touch to find out more about our services today.

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