Steps to ensure secured chat while using mobile apps

Steps To Ensure Secured Chat While Using Mobile Apps


Mobile apps are a crucial aspect for most businesses, acting as the latest promotions and sales channel, making way for more attacks from hackers. This could result in not just sensitive data leaks or theft of intellectual property but also could halt the business operations.

It is seen that most often the apps being hacked are those that are beneficial for businesses such as healthcare, enterprise apps, those that facilitate monetary transactions such as peer-to-peer payment or mobile banking apps. Apart from all these, chats are also prone to cyber-attacks.

Tips to Ensure Secured Chat While Using Mobile Apps

Thus, it becomes imperative to ensure the security of chats for businesses. Here, we will take a look at some tips to ensure the security of the messaging apps:

  • Secure the data that is stored and transferred: Well, obviously if your client has very little data to be stored, then your app will be more secure. At the same time, if some sensitive data is being stored, it is best to go with It is reliable with encryption and takes less time to develop.
  • Make sure communication between client and server is secure: All the apps have to adhere to the industry standards and regulations, thus ensuring that the communication between the client and server is protected. It could change with the state and industry. Mobile banking apps, it is seen are not in compliance with the regulations put forward by the FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) and the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA). Same way, the healthcare app will have to be HIPAA compliant. For the mobile apps developed, set it up with TLS/SSL, employ trusted CA certificates that have properly configured chains, and so on.
  • Implement and re-enforce end-to-end encryption: Encryption is a special algorithm used to scramble data so that even the communication is intercepted to avoid them from stealing the message, the contents could be illegible.

Steps To Ensure Chat Is Secure Through Mobile Apps

  • Session level security or SLS as it is known is a unique key generated for each session.
  • Apps use SLS so that the messages that were sent in the previous or future sessions were legible only to the sender and the recipient
  • Every message will have its own key
  • A separate key derived from the PIN that the user enters can be used to encrypt the entire data stored in the device.


So, you can infer here that modern messengers or mobile apps are prone to cyber security threats, but one can easily endure it by following the above-given steps or tips to ensure data security. They should comply with the best development practices and should adapt to features that have scope for your app.

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