Why Agile is a must for software development

Why Agile Is A Must For Software Development?


Agile methodology is a type of system development methodology used to analyze, design, implement or maintain the information system. It was developed in the mid-1990 in response to the traditional waterfall methods, focusing more on iterative and incremental development. In the agile model, the complete system is not developed in one go but is done incrementally, so that there is no need to spend for documenting requirements at the onset itself.

Many critics also consider it to be too unstructured. However, in today’s ever-changing business scenarios, it is required for most organizations to be agile and highly responsive. At the same time, the software is also an integral aspect of businesses to help increase its productivity and efficiency, hence the need to adapt to agile software development lest they lose out on customers.

Here you will see the advantages and benefits of adopting the agile methodology. Consider, why is agile a must for software development?

Benefits Of Agile Software Development

  • It is seen that by adopting the agile methodologies, businesses are better able to cater to the customer requirements delivering solutions at a quick speed. It was seen that the V- model lifecycle or the waterfall method was introduced in the 1970s, which, however, was inefficient and went on to fail badly.
  • Then the agile methodology was introduced to cater to the highly flexible, responsive, and adaptive businesses of today. In agile methodology, you can determine the existing faults or impediments and know how to focus the process improvement efforts.
  • In the meanwhile, it is seen that the developers who work on agile projects normally go on to test the project early on and as regularly as possible thus aiming to enhance its efficiency and productivity. They also aim to deliver the most appropriate product for the purpose that it is used for, thus catering to customer satisfaction and also enabling them to hold on to their promises and build trust. It is seen, as well that products adopting the agile methodology is developed a bit faster.
  • You will see that with the market developing in speed, adapting to agile software will also help businesses to speed up the revenue generation along with enhanced profits, going on to generate more value for its operations and functions.

Thus, you can see that by adapting to the agile software development technology, most of the businesses can go on to:

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  • Increase its efficiency and productivity
  • Improve the morale of the staff
  • Enhance the quality of the product
  • Develop products that are customized to the requirements
  • Delivered in shorter and reliable time scales


In today’s competitive world, when the markets and industries are forever changing, in order to cope with the competition, it is inevitable for most businesses to be more responsive, flexible as well as adaptive. Hence, the need to cater to customer requirements quickly and in a cost-effective manner so that it can deliver value for the business, which is made possible by adopting the agile software development approach.

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