Software Testing Trends that will dominate the market

Software Testing Trends That Will Dominate The Market


One of the crucial aspects of the Software Development Life cycle is software testing, as it helps you determine if a developed software is ready for launch or not. With competition being on the rise for software development, more and more companies have started to realize the need for regular software testing.

If the software is tested often and effectively, then it helps to reduce the time it takes to be launched in the market, as well as gives its organization a competitive edge. Even as software testing gains prominence, you will see that the trends in the domain are also undergoing modification.

Common Software Testing Trends

Here, take a look at some of the software testing trends that may gain dominance in the coming year:

1. Agile Testing and DevOps will gain prominence

If you take into account the research by Forrester, you will see that companies that originally concentrated on enabling central Test Centres of Excellence (TCoEs) were now more interested in DevOps and agile testing. With the complete testing arena moving towards quality engineering, most of the organizations were concerned to make testing more iterative, automatic and progressive, while also effortlessly incorporating with the process of software development.

2. Open Source Tools will be the future for software testing

As more and more businesses are getting ready for the execution of mechanizing test frameworks, DevOps, and agile testing, you will see QA professionals adapting to source tools. These open-source tools are not just free or widespread, but also have the support of a large community behind them, with more regular updates happening. At the same time, over a period these support communities are getting more involved and active with the open-source tools.

3. In the digital era, Internet of Things Testing leads

As IoT(Internet of Things) develops and becomes inherent within the digital world, more and more companies resort to IoT testing for products before they can be used. Seeing as how most of the products or devices associated with IoT are greatly susceptible to security issues, there is a need for strong or stringent IoT testing, thus paving way for it to be a leading trend for the coming year.

4. DevOps will drive Quality Engineering

The simple idea behind DevOps is the smooth integration and association between varied departments within an IT organization such as the IT professionals or software developers, quality analysts, coders, etc. Testing also is a crucial aspect for software development, as it is this which identifies the accuracy of a code and ensures that software is capable to deliver the expected operations, in a requisite way. All of these are also significant for the aspect of complete quality engineering. Meanwhile, DevOps urges the businesses towards a better speed in delivering processes, even while maintaining its quality, thus aiming for an increased ROI, as well as shorter turnaround time.


You can thus derive that it is required for businesses to be in sync with the intricacies as well as the latest trends in software testing to make sure that the developed software will provide quality performance and deliver immaculate service to the customers. You can also outsource the service to a trusted outsourcing partner, who is well-versed in these aspects, ensuring quality service without any compromise to accuracy or timeliness.

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