How does agile software development benefit customers

How Does Agile Software Development Benefit Customers?


Since the launch of agile software development, it’s been bogged with controversy with most of the companies claiming that it helps in the quick delivery of software while also successfully managing the customer requirements. The opponents to the development style believe that it goes on to undermine some of the old and good software development practices. Nevertheless, how is a customer to recognize which style would go better for his project? Here, we will see how agile software will cater to customer requirements.

Agile Software Development Method

Below are some of the main points that are normally covered under the agile software development method:

  • Rather than the technologies or processes used, the individual or communication is given more importance. Here, the team skills, as well as interaction, is encouraged, because in the process the belief is that a team, which communicates and interacts well will be better able to cater to the customer requirements, leaving them completely satisfied, rather than one that does all the work on its own.
  • The operational software normally lets you know of the progress in the project, better than any documents, as developers normally wish to keep documents short, as it could easily become out-of-date.
  • Keep the customer involved throughout the project and the contract negotiation. Some may not have given all the requirements for the projects, at the onset. So, if the customer is kept involved, they could give all the specifications and requirements and you could also keep them in the loop.
  • In agile software development, making modifications or adding more features to a product even at a later stage is not much of an issue and there is no need to begin from the scratch. This is possible because the development process is divided into cycles.

It is also seen that a functioning software is released after each iteration so that new features can be added or changes are made to the software at each phase, as suggested so that you can cater to customer satisfaction.

Benefits Of Agile Software Development

  • There is active customer involvement and they give a complete brief to the developers as to their exact requirements and specifications.
  • The developers take less time to collect information and normally start with the development process, as soon as they are aware of the basic requirements, as it is possible to add on other features along the way, as required.
  • It allows for the project to be customized to the customer’s requirements at any stage.
  • Documentation is often brief and not detailed as the requirements or specifications could be modified at any time.
  • There is testing and quality analysis done regularly, as the working software is released after each iteration and normally you get bug-free software at the end.


Once you are aware of the features of the agile software development process, you can assess its benefits and see how it can best suit your project requirement. You can also outsource to a trusted service provider if you are open to the idea of co-operating with the developers throughout the project to get the best results.

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