The Art of Photo Restoration- Old remains Gold

The Art Of Photo Restoration- Old Remains Gold


A photographic heritage or heirloom in a family is unique, irreplaceable, and often the only copy for everyone to own. Original photographs get easily damaged by handling and chemical reactions over the years. Such photographs need a restoration on an urgent basis in order to stop them from fading beyond recognition.

What Is Photo Restoration?

Photograph Restoration is the art of restoring the appearance of a digital copy of a physical photograph that has been damaged by human-made causes or simply affected by age.

With the Photo Restoration technique, old and worn-out pictures can be repaired digitally to a much better and restored version of the original image. Here the damaged images are scanned to the preferred software and restored using various tools like dust, scratch, noise reduction, and other such associated filter.

Photographs can also be edited in other commercial sectors like real estate where there are enormous benefits of photo editing and enhancement.

What Extent Of Damage In A Photograph Can Be Restored?

People usually dismiss old pictures with the assumption of not being able to restore them, unaware that they can probably be salvaged with a few techniques by experts in this field. So what kind of damages can be restored using Photo Restoration techniques?

  • Aged Image: Images that have with time aged or greyed out in some areas, or has physical damages like discoloration due to the oil residue left from constant human touch, can be restored with the help of Photo Restoration.
  • Impaired Image: Many old images get damaged due to natural causes too, like being shut in an album in a damp corner, causing the growth of mildew, or being affected by other elements like fire or water. With the help of Photo Restoration techniques, we can help eliminate these factors digitally and help restore the image to perfection.
  • Antique Images: An Antique or Vintage image is an image that is of a significant value from an era with details and symbolic representation. These photos usually need extra care while restoring so as not to lose the original authenticity of the picture. They are also a great addition to our culture and heritage.
  • Monochrome to color restoration: The art of colorizing an image has been in trend for a while now. With the art of colorizing pictures and even movies, we are able to redefine the image from a new perspective. By adding color, introducing frames and other such features, we can help restore the image to its original state with a touch of personality.


With such impressive technological advances in the field of photo editing and restoration, the previously thought to be the impossible task of salvaging an old picture with sentimental value to the beholder is very much possible now! With photo restoration, you not only restoring an image but restore a beautiful memory captured to its full glory! So why wait? Choose our outsourced Photo Restoration services to recreate an album full of treasures!.

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