Fashion Photo Retouch- To Edit or Not to Edit

Fashion Photo Retouch- To Edit Or Not To Edit


The world of fashion is well known for its use of beautiful photography, whether that’s in an editorial spread, for a social media campaign, or even on an e-commerce online store. Although much of it looks beautiful and painless, there’s actually a lot of work that goes into making these photos look flawless and effortless!

The people who work behind making these pictures a piece of art are the Photo Retouchers who weave magic and make them one of their kind! The fashion industry sees trends changing every day and with that comes the need to be at par and unique at the same time. Many trendsetting fashion icons are born at the hands of these Photo Retouchers.

But Retouching is an art that has two sides to it, the good and the bad. We know of a number of beautifully illustrated images in magazines. But we also know of photo retouches gone wrong, like the recent Pam Dave Zaring family portrait with such bad photo retouches that it looked like a family straight out of a horror movie!

The Pros of Photo Retouch

Any professional photographer knows for a fact that professional images require some work after the picture is developed and that’s been the case since before Photoshop existed. Be it manipulating the color of the shirt which may not be accurate in the picture or lighting in the background. It’s not about creating a false image, but showcasing the clearest possible version.

A few advantages of using Photo Retouch in the fashion industry are:

  • Better Branding
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Better Sales
  • Easy Customization

Some of the imperfections that are widely being removed from a photograph nowadays include freckles, veins in the eye, clogged pores, facial hair, and acne among others. Photo Retouch is such a part of photography that almost anyone who works in this field will also be expected to have retouching skills.

The Cons of Photo Retouch

Tools like Photoshop, PetaPixel, Portrait Professionals, and other such software have helped create images that are sometimes astray from their true self since its boom in the last decade. This has caused people’s perception of beauty to be distorted. With extensive use of Retouches, an unrealistic standard of beauty has crept into the fashion industry.

In simpler terms, Photo Retouch can also make others accept people who look unrealistically beautiful; being a hoax means not truly and fully accepting the reality, and letting a digitally manipulated image incur a feeling of false self-acceptance. It is the need of the hour to use these technologies for the good and not in a way as to cause anyone pain. It is the social obligation of the Photo Retoucher to ensure that the images that they edit are true to their original self without drastic edits that put forth a wrong body image.


A responsible Photo Retouch Service provider knows how to work with the client’s requirements and provide creative inputs that stand true to their work ethics and social responsibility. At Trupp Global, you benefit from a Photo Retouching team of experts that work with eCommerce companies, real estate firms, and fashion/ portrait photographers to give you the best Photo Retouching Services available. Take our free trial today.

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