Why and how to make your customer service more personalized?

Why And How To Make Your Customer Service More Personalized?


Most of the business success hinges on customers, and in their bid to outdo the competition are vying with each other to provide the best customer service possible. They try and provide the best solutions to your queries, offering a more personalized service for the customers, be it in an attempt to retain them or to attract new prospective customers.

Here, you can see the advantages of a truly powerful personalized customer service and how it can make a difference, maybe to the extent of a person forgetting you after their purchase to them coming back for more services from you.

Significance Of Personalized Customer Service

It is a widely acknowledged fact that most of the customers wanted better “human service” from the businesses. It was the deciding factor for most in opting to come back to a service or not. In other terms, customers aimed to get more personalized services from customer care.

It is common knowledge that satisfied and happy customers normally come back for more and will surely recommend the business to others, thus ensuring increased revenue for you. Also, as your brand gains recognition, it is sure to attract more customers.

Tips To Personalize Your Customer Service

Your main call, when you offer customer service should be to bond with the customer, giving them the assurance that they are doing business with a human being rather than with a company.

Here, we will see some regular tips to go about it:

  • Start by addressing the customer by name with the prefix, making them feel special.
  • Also, introduce yourself by name thus assuring them of more personalized service.
  • Ensure that you address their grievance at the earliest.
  • Can use your photographs for display on your profile while sending emails, as it helps to build up trust with your client.
  • Would be good if you are aware of the conversations they had previously with your team, as it makes it easier for you as well to follow up.
  • Learn about your customer preferences, purchase habits so that you can offer them targeted solutions.
  • Gather as much information about them as possible.
  • Respond to their queries, suggestions, or feedback at the earliest. It doesn’t pay to keep them hanging in there for your response or solution to any issue.


From here, you will realize the need for most businesses to adapt to more personalized customer service, as a way to improve their services, leading to more satisfied customers who will not only return for more but will also have no qualms recommending you to others.

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