Tips to Manage Your Call Center Outsourcing Partner

Tips to Manage Your Call Center Outsourcing Partner


Nowadays, businesses are spending a lot on their call center outsourcing partner for accomplishing many back-office functions like customer support, data entry, etc. Call center business function is the most common trend that businesses of all segments mostly outsource to third-party service providers. Hiring a call center outsourcing partner to manage relations with them requires a lot of work that companies must know to get the desired output. If you’re a first-timer in outsourcing your business functions, then you need to know the ins and outs of hiring call center outsourcing partners as they have a lot of offerings.

How to Manage Your Call Center Outsourcing Partner

After hiring the right call center outsourcing partner for your company, now it is time to manage it perfectly so that you can get the best output. Always treat your outsourcing agency as a business partner because your relationship with your call center outsourcing partner matters a lot as they will be the face of your company towards your customers. Following are the points that will help to manage your call center outsourcing partner effectively.

1. Clarify Your Objectives

Every business is unique and so does your call center outsourcing partner must reflect you while communicating with your customers. To perform your outsourcing partner in an optimum way, you need to clarify your objectives and company mission. Whether it is for increasing social media engagement or enhancing customer satisfaction, the call center team must have an acknowledgment of the predefined goals while streamlining the method to ensure their success.

2. Ensure Cohesion Between Partners

Maintaining cohesion between the two partners is essential while providing a road map for their expectations. The desired goal can be achieved only when the outsourcing partner can have a good relationship with the stakeholders of their client. Make sure that you effectively communicate with all the team members while ensuring the assessment techniques, success, and the forecast of customer satisfaction. Frequent reviews and touching every communication channel are proven ways to maintain cohesion between the two teams so that they can work efficiently towards the same goal.

3. Treat Your Vendor as a Partner

The relationship between the company and its outsourcing partner matters a lot because not only it is a long-term business but also there are a lot of dependencies related to it. You must treat your vendor as a business partner as they will be the ones who will be the face of your company towards your customers. There will be constant constructive feedback coming from both ends as the relationship will act as a partnership. An outsourcing partner has lots of facilities and infrastructure that you can use for the betterment of the business. Hence, maintaining a fruitful relationship is important.

4. Arrange Frequent Training

Frequent training is important for updating the latest news and information regarding your business procedures or product features so that the call center team can effectively serve your customers. Arranging frequent training is important for keeping your call center team updated so that they can feed your customers with the most relevant information. The trainer must have to maintain good communication with the company representatives so that the team remains aligned with the company terms and policies.

5. Maintain Calibration Sessions

Calibration sessions are a crucial aspect that needs to be conducted on a regular interval time so that the call center outsourcing partner and the hiring company remain on the same page. To serve excellent customer service, the call center team must have knowledge of the products and services and the goals of the process assigned to them. Understanding the QA score of the team is necessary to check the consistency of customer service and team efficiency. Consistency needs to be maintained throughout the whole process for getting the desired output.

6. Maintain Proper Escalation Process

A proper escalation process is mandatory for managing a call center team if a call goes out of hand. Despite the script, sometimes a customer can get angry and so does the customer service agent. To handle those complex situations, a proper escalation process is essential so that the customer can get a relevant solution without making the situation much worse. There should be clear communication and mutual trust where your call center outsourcing partner can tell you about the situation, and you two can work as a team for providing efficient customer support whenever needed.

7. Have Quarterly Reviews or Weekly Status Calls

Quarterly reviews and weekly status calls are essential for service level, quality check, handle time, and many other operations. Any changes in the current process and updates can be transferred via the weekly call. Quarterly reviews are essential not only for the quality check but also to check for the quantity of customer retention and customer acquisition. A checklist can be made for the quarterly review that may contain agent sentiment, speech analytics, customer sentiment, customer complaints, feedback, etc.

8. Be Flexible

Flexibility is the vital key for managing any business counterpart or an outsourcing partner. No matter how foolproof your plans are, things will inevitably change based on external circumstances. Always maintain close communication and trust your call center outsourcing partner so that they can give their best services to you beyond the expectations in a difficult situation wherever possible.

Final Thoughts

Call center outsourcing has been the most popular option for many companies since the last decade. However, managing an outsourcing partner has been always proven to be challenging for many companies for multiple reasons, thus impacting the desired productivity. Above are a few points that will certainly help companies to maintain a good relationship with their call center outsourcing partner. It will not only help in getting good productivity but also it helps in serving excellent customer service in the long run.

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