Common Myths About Outsourcing Customer Services - Debunked!

Common Myths About Outsourcing Customer Services – Debunked!


Most businesses, these days opt to outsource customer services such as handling emails, voice, fax, real-time chats, addressing website orders or queries etc. This, they believe would help them to not only cut down overhead expenses, but also to boost the productivity and as well would leave them with more time to concentrate on core business operations.

Myths About Outsourcing Customer Services

Still, there are some reluctant to go with the option as they believe the myths that have been doing the rounds regarding outsourced customer support services. Let’s take a look at some of these misconceptions and what actually is the truth behind them:

1. Language is a hurdle

Most companies that refrain from outsourcing may be doing so, as they believe that outsourcing to an overseas firm could be difficult, with mainly language being an issue. They may be instances when companies have failed to get proper resolution from a BPO because those at each end couldn’t follow the conversation properly. However, it is not always so. Most of the reliable and efficient BPOs have well educated employees, who have the skills and knowledge to not only do the work properly but are multi-lingual as well. They are able to converse well in the English language, so that dealing with western clients also becomes easy.

2. Quality of work will be compromised

The most important aspect of any customer service is its quality, as it could be the difference between leaving a customer satisfied or frustrated. If the quality is maintained it helps to also retain customers. However, some of the companies believe that by outsourcing customer service their expectations are not being met properly. But, this I would say is another myth that seeks to debunk. A trusted professional outsourcing partner will ensue successful service offering features like 24/7 support, backup coverage for peak call times, multilingual support etc., thus aiming for better enhancement and success for business operations.

3. Training the staff can be time-consuming

It is a myth that if an outsourcing partner is to deliver customer service, at the level expected, the client company will have to train the staff at the outsourcing company on their requirements. So, some companies’ refuse to outsource, thinking of not just the time it would take but also on the cost that could ensue. Nevertheless, fact is that the client company need to only provide the required details and maybe the initial training, in some cases, if the project is relatively new. Rest of it would be carried on by the outsourcing partner and a well-established outsourcing partner would have experienced professionals who have the skills and knowledge to handle project in the required domain.

4. Lack of control on the project

Many believe that outsourcing could be the best way to lose their control over a project, as managing the outsourcing partner, located overseas could be difficult. Here, they vary that if errors occur they may not be aware in time to rectify it before it affects the company’s operations. However, being in constant contact with the outsourcing partner via multiple channels, throughout the project will ensure that you are made aware of the progress that is happening on it and will also let you keep the service provider in the loop about your expectations and requirements, thus allowing for modification as and when required.

5. Outsourcing could be costly

One often relates outsourcing to increased expense, which in itself is a wrong notion. Outsourcing to countries outside, especially to India can be very cost-effective. It allows for flexible or more scalable work force, delivering quality services, and it would also help companies to reduce the overhead expenses required to set up infrastructure or resources, if customer support services, were done in-house by companies.


Thus, we see here that these are just myths or misconceptions regarding outsourcing customer service and it can really be a good option if done right. Outsourcing to a reliable and efficient outsourcing partner, helps to ensure quality customer service, enabling increased customer satisfaction and sales.

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