Top 10 Benefits of Live Chat Outsourcing

Top 10 Benefits of Live Chat Outsourcing


According to Live Chat Statistics 2020, almost 79% of the customers prefer chatting i.e., getting instant answers, which is the reason behind the growth of live chat support services. Unlike other modes of communication channels, live chat does not involve lengthy back and forth conversations. Having an option of live chat support on a website gives a competitive advantage to the company. Customers demand attention every time whenever they have any query related to your product or service. Whether the reply is automated or a person is replying, all it matters is giving a prompt response to them.

The success of a company depends on the satisfaction of the customers regarding their product and after-sale service. Word of mouth plays a key role in spreading the positive vibes of a company by their loyal customers. Customer support is the medium where a company can win customer’s loyalty and trust. Research says that almost 60% of the shoppers prefer choosing live chat support services for placing repeat orders. 

What is Live Chat Service?

Live Chat Service is defined as a service that allows companies to interact with the customers in real-time through live chat support. More precisely, companies integrate the desktop messaging application to their website. Real-time chatting takes place on the company website and customers expect a quicker response from the company. Such a form of interaction brings added advantages to commercial websites. When any customer seeks help, if he gets an immediate response from the live chat support team, the possibility is high to make a purchase decision which in turn increases the average time spent by that user on the site that search engines often take into account.

Why do companies outsource live chat customer service?

Nowadays companies tend to outsource their live chat support to a specialized agency expecting a faster response rate. Statistics show that millennials prefer instant messages rather than waiting for a customer support executive to answer a call. Hence, instant response led to faster lead generation for a company. Apart from lead generation, there are multiple reasons that companies get when they outsource their live chat support to a renowned BPO agency.

Benefits of Live Chat Support Outsourcing

Benefits of Live Chat Outsourcing

To outsource live chat support services or not? This is the most common dilemma faced by companies when they want to introduce chat support in their company. There is a fact that having an in-house chat support team yields greater control over the support members. However, there are several big advantages when companies outsource live chat services to a reputable outsourcing vendor. Below is a detailed description of the advantages of live chat support outsourcing. Let’s start.

1. Effective Resolving Customer Queries

For any company, the most important concern lies in responding to customer queries on time. A high volume of voice calls sometimes can cause a long waiting time for the customers. This will not only cause a company to lose its customers but also a bad word of mouth from dissatisfied customers. On the other hand, live chat services can instantly resolve queries raised by customers, thus providing enhanced customer service. The customer service team of the outsourcing vendors are specialized in this process, hence the turnaround time for resolving issues will be less.

2. Convenient for Customers

Sometimes customers do not feel comfortable asking any question to the customer support executive. For highly specific and detailed questions, live chat support is more convenient than any other mode of communication. Customers can start messaging instantly whenever they want and get a response instantly. Thus, the users spend more time on your site that not only leads to more sales but also a good aspect for search engines.

3. More Conversation

Customer interaction can be increased by integrating live chat services to the company website thus turning the internet users into paying customers. Live chat outsourcing companies focus on tapping the users who make a query regarding the product and service so that they can make a purchase. Almost 70 percent of the purchasing decisions are made at the POS (Point of Sale), hence increasing the companies’ revenue.

4. Faster Response

One of the biggest advantages of live chat outsourcing is the prompt response. Live chat service is considered as the most efficient channel than other channels of communication that allows customer support executives to respond to customer’s queries in real-time. With live chat services, there are lesser queues and shorter waiting times.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

Businesses tend to focus on outsourcing live chat services to third-party vendors because it is cost-effective when compared to outsourcing other business functions. Moreover, live chat support brings huge businesses to companies. Purchase decisions are made by consumers instantly while they are chatting with any of the customer support executives which leads to increased profit and customer satisfaction.

6. Competitive Advantage

When it comes to greater competitive advantage, using a live chat service by the companies has proven to be a more reliable way of transforming potential buyers to payable customers. While using live chat services, companies can provide better customer service and accessibility to their customers that will differentiate them from the competitors in the market.

7. Strong Customer Relationship

A business can significantly increase the customers’ loyalty by serving them with improved service mostly when the customer is interacting with them. Companies that use live chat support for solving customer queries are known for nurturing customer relationships in a better way than those who struggle to serve their customers in a given time. By getting a prompt response from the chat, customers feel connected with the company thus deciding on purchasing their products and services.

8. Improved Rate of Customer Retention

We all know that customer retention is better than acquiring new customers as it needs more time, effort, and money. With the help of live chat support, companies can retain their existing customers by fostering better business relationships with their customers. Outsourcing live chat services can increase your customer base as well as retaining old customers which will eventually lead to positive word of mouth about the company.

9. Increased Number of sales

With the help of live chat support services, businesses can get increased orders or sales. Live chat has a direct relation with the increase of average sales than any other mode of customer communication. Moreover, live chat support services enable the business to upsell, cross-sell their products thus a significant increase in the revenue generation is seen if it is used appropriately.

10. Identifying Customer Pain Points

Identifying the pain points of the customers during the process of making a purchase is one of the greatest benefits of live chat support outsourcing. Customer support executives after knowing the pain points can provide the customers with the exact solutions thus helping them to purchase more than they have decided earlier. Executives can directly address the customer’s concerns thus making the purchase process smoother than ever.

The Bottom Line

The idea of integrating live chat support into your company’s website sometimes can be overwhelming. However, there are lots of benefits a company can get if it can outsource its live chat services to a reputed outsourcing partner. Surveys state that 83% of customers prefer live chat support, followed by 61% for email support, and 44% for voice calls. A company can make a huge difference in the market if it can provide excellent service to the customers that will lead to customer retention as well as lead generation. 

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