Why outsource Data Entry Services?

Why Outsource Data Entry Services?

Data entry has been considered as the most crucial aspect for most of the businesses to arrive at informed or insightful campaigns and business decisions, enhance operational efficiency as well as save on the budget. Rather than just saving 50% on the costs, it is also possible to boost the complete revenue and profit of the business, with the help of outsourced data entry services.

Now, with data being available in various formats, there are different types of data entry services. Here, we will take a look at the benefits of some of these services and why to outsource them:

  • Offline data entry: The services that normally come under offline data entry includes collecting data, URL listing, filling up forms, capturing data, processing forms, entering data into work documents, filling up excel sheets, entering insurance claims details, entering data extracted from image files, entering business card details etc. In the meanwhile, if you outsource the offline data entry services, it helps you to easily and conveniently convert data into the most relevant and valid information, which can be used to enhance efficiency. This also helps you to reduce costs.
  • Online data entry: In this service, the commonly found services include data entry of catalogs, images, databases and eBooks so on. Now, if you find this process time consuming and wish to spend more time concentrating on core business operations rather than this, then you can outsource the service. It also ensures that data delivered is accurate, while also helping to cut back on the costs, time and effort.
  • Image data entry: This involves scanning the images and capturing the data from it and entering into excel spread sheets, various databases, catalogues, books, legal documents etc. The data from handwritten cards were also extracted and entered. Image data entry services were mainly chosen by companies that wished to be sync with important details of the company. Outsourcing the service helped companies to better organize or streamline the data, while also enabling ability to view the precise or accurate data in real-time.
  • Survey forms data entry: This process involves capturing and entering data from survey forms both structured and unstructured, thus going on to convert it into reliable and valid information. This helps businesses to arrive at informed business decision that helps drive their business success. Outsourcing the service ensure efficiency in business operations. Handling huge volume of data also becomes easy with outsourced services.


From here, you can derive that effective and accurate data entry services is very helpful, especially for businesses to arrive at informed decisions. However, doing it in-house can be time consuming and tedious. Hence, the best option is to outsource the service, as it also leaves businesses with more time to focus on their core competencies, while also helping to enhance business efficiency at cost effective rates.

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