6 tips on how to write Good Content for your Website

6 Tips On How To Write Good Content For Your Website


As Uncle Ben in Spiderman said, “With great power comes great responsibility”, I say, with good content writing skills comes the need to deliver amazing content! A person can either be a good content writer or an excellent one. The thin line that divides these two possibilities is the zeal to give your best and achieve your goal. A person may be a creative content writer, but still not be able to deliver the standard of work expected on another platform, suppose digital content creation. While a person who writes excellently on a digital marketing front may not be able to write a good travelogue.

The style of content creation and moderation for various podiums may be different and needs to be done with good research. The main platform for research and development today is the internet. When writing for a website, a content writer should keep in mind a few parameters so as to deliver content which not only draws the audience but engages them to stay.

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6 Tips For Good Website Content Follow A Basic Guideline As Below:

1. Research, research, and research: 

Any good content writer knows that the first step towards good content is research. This research is not just a glance through ’how to’ blogs, but rather an intensive study of the market, an analysis of what their competitors are doing, and a step-by-step decode to their own content. A good content writer knows that a well-written piece is based on how strong your SEO was researched and also placed in your content.

2. Be personal and original: 

Gone are the days when content used to be crisp and business-like only, with the world moving to the digital front, they are also bringing emotions along! People now like to read content that is personal and something resonates with them at that level. Make sure that your content is original and not just a copy-paste version of any other site. Being original and versatile is the main and basic requirement of any good content writer.

3. Strong headlines, simple content: 

Headlines that sum the whole product and content that doesn’t bore your audience is the most crucial need of a website. With people moving from one site to another in a split of a second, what catches the eye is what keeps them on the page. With simpler content (which of course is free from spelling and grammatical errors) and better visual representation, we are moving into a new era of marketing.

4. Invoke Readers interest: 

With more and more people moving their business on the digital front, what makes your content different from the others? Good content contains not just facts and statements but is a package of various factors like emotions, evidence, action, and reactions that prompt the audience to stay put or take needed actions.

5. Action and reaction: 

Which brings us to the question, what actually is an action and reaction? The literal Oxford Dictionary meaning of action is, ‘the process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim’. In our case, it may be leading your potential customer to your products, discount offers, or trial pages. To do so, and to get a positive reaction to your action, it is necessary to emphasize the benefits of the product rather than the product itself. Many websites opt to have customer testimonials on such pages (which are many a time the landing page of the website) so as to assure their audience that the product has been tried and tested with success!

6. Images and video: 

With simpler content and catchier headlines, the void of not being full-page content is filled by images and videos, a trend which is growing exponentially for a few years. Images that resonate with the content and videos shot in High definition with good content is like the Usain Bolt of digital marketing, that should sum it up I guess!


With appropriate moderation, well-written content can be a bonus to any industry which wants a good digital footprint. Other factors like compatibility with various applications, thought-provoking material, and extensively researched content will always be an important factors in the growth of an organization. At Trupp Global, we make sure that every article, blog, or content that is outsourced to us is researched, moderated, reviewed, and proofread before it hits the audience. This puts your business ahead in the market compared to your competitors as you can concentrate on what you do with perfection, while we make sure only the best is delivered always.

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