5 Crucial Reasons why your Business needs Customer Support

5 Crucial Reasons Why Your Business Needs Customer Support


Last month, my mobile’s internet connection was down and I could not browse through the net for some important research papers and be about to have a mini panic attack! I tried restarting my phone to see if it would work, but it didn’t. So I dialed the customer service number which was associated with the service provider and went through the mandatory IVR system.

Once connected to the executive, after a few initial details are taken, he very politely asked what the problem was. He heard me out without interrupting and he informed me of an ongoing issue with the connection (gibberish for me anyways!) and that it will be resolved within half an hour. I was skeptical at first to believe him but reluctantly agreed. Exactly half an hour later, my connection was restored and all was fine in my world! I was impressed that the executive was well informed of the situation and was aware of the Estimated Time of Resolution too!

That is the kind of customer service that keeps you with the service provider even when it has some glitches along the way! It doesn’t matter how good your product is or how well it is selling currently, if your customer is not satisfied, it is bound to fail tomorrow, if not today. With good Customer Support Services, you not only portray that you have a good product, but the willingness to amend any issues put forward by your customer.

Where Does A Business With A Good Customer Support Team Score Better Against A Business That Doesn’t?

1. Brand Awareness

When you have a good customer support base, the resulting positive word-of-mouth publicity that will spread would be an added advantage to your brand and its awareness among the public. No one wants negative publicity in the early years of business; this can break your company and put it down faster than it can come up again.

2. Customer Loyalty

A person who knows that he will be treated the best every time he buys a particular product or uses a service tends to keep going back to the service provider even if he may face a problem occasionally. This is called customer loyalty to a brand or service which is very important in any business if they aim to be in the market for the long run.

3. Increased Popularity

Any business today needs to be popular in order to sell, may it be on social media or other such sites, a bad review by a customer can cause a lot of problems for a business. By addressing the customer’s requirements, a business can help gain popularity by being a product of the masses, for the masses.

4. Feedback/ Grievance Redressal

If a business only concentrates on making money and forgets about taking feedbacks from the customer or addressing any grievance with less respect or genuine concern, can affect it gravely. With the advent of the Internet Age, customers have a platform to raise their concerns about poor service on a global front which can break your years of hard work if not addressed properly. With a good customer support team that is trained to deal with such situations sensitively, it can prove to be a boon to your business.

5. New Opportunities and Partnerships

With the word out in the market of your business being a customer-centric business, opportunities to tie up with like-minded businesses will pour in automatically. After all, everyone wants a share in success! Such Partnerships can open up new horizons for the growth of your business tremendously.


With a good Customer support team for your organization you are assured of a best in class customer assurance portal while you can continue to better your products. At Trupp Global, you have access to a team of handpicked and well-trained executives that will help address your customer’s queries or grievances in the best possible way and in record time too.

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